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Sin2324 and Owlet world record co-op Home Run Contest totaling 6,721.6 m / 22,052 ft.

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Break the Targets Level 4
Captain Falcon, 14.73 s

NintendoDojo Stadium

Welcome to the Stadium! This corner of the site is for stadium players, people who enjoy the Smash series' "stadium" modes: Break the Targets, Home Run Contest, Multi Man Brawl, Boss Battles, Classic, and All-Star.
Often overlooked by competitive players, stadium modes require just as much skill and practice as "versus" games. The best stadium players employ considerable technical ability and intricate strategies to smash sandbags, break targets, defeat Alloys, and complete event matches in record times and distances.
The NintendoDojo Stadium is the place to be if you want to learn strategies for stadium modes or compare your scores with the rest of the community!

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Interested in Brawl's Target Test mode? Check out stadium mode veteran LLCoolDave's excellent introduction to the Break the Targets mode in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with overviews of what's changed since Melee and some tips on how to use Brawl's new features to get your BtT scores down.

This article is the first in what will be a regular series on the single-player "stadium mode" communities. So-called "1P modes" are a very different game from competitive Smash but are just as challenging and rewarding; we recommend that EVERYONE spend some time checking out the Stadium section to meet some 1P professionals and start learning the skills needed to dominate in a significant portion of Brawl's gameplay modes.

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