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About the video library

The NintendoDojo video library is a tool for organizing Smash videos much more effectively than Youtube or other video sites.

Anyone can add videos to the library, regardless of whether they uploaded it originally (though we request you leave the addition of new videos to the video creators).

We do not store your videos on our site; rather, we keep a link to a Youtube upload of your video and use our own tags to make it possible to find your video.

Video library

An album for nutinurmacaroni's stadium-related videos.
Added by: nutinurmacaroni
Updated December 16
Online friendlies with Ryuuko.
Added by: The Illusive Akiro
Posted December 15
After 4 years of inactivity, Boxingking Is back! I haven't played in a while but jumped at the chance to play anew smash brothers game when I saw it i...
Posted December 15
Captured with AVerMedia Don't know the song name.
Added by: Zork
Posted December 14
Akiro (Jigglypuff) & iFox7i (Captain Falcon) vs. Hickz (Marth) & Run CT (Meta Knight)
Added by: The Illusive Akiro
Posted December 14
Local Tourney 12/9/2014
Added by: Steam
Posted December 14
2 Videos From Brawl 4 Videos From Wii u Bro's
Added by: psp
Posted December 12
An album for Steph's stadium-related videos.
Added by: Steph
Posted December 10
An album for Akairu's stadium-related videos.
Added by: Akairu
Updated December 10