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The NintendoDojo video library is a tool for organizing Smash videos much more effectively than Youtube or other video sites.

Anyone can add videos to the library, regardless of whether they uploaded it originally (though we request you leave the addition of new videos to the video creators).

We do not store your videos on our site; rather, we keep a link to a Youtube upload of your video and use our own tags to make it possible to find your video.

Video library

My Brawl ZSS item play came in handy for smash 4. :P
Added by: Milky
Posted February 8
Added by: QuintemSSB
Posted February 6
Added by: Revy
Posted February 2
We have come so far as a Community, it made me so proud to be a smasher when I saw how HUGE Genesis 3 was! So without further delay...Welcome to my sh...
Added by: chillghost
Posted February 1
Nice and Short :D I know there arent a lot of clips here but i really havent saved any replays and Im lazy :3
Added by: Lust
Posted January 29
Once again I've decided to make a Combo Video with focus on High Quality Gameplay - this time for smash 4! You will enjoy ~
Added by: Z1GMA
Posted January 24
Mega Man Concepts and Combos 2 by TEG Dezmu
Added by: dezmu
Posted December 24 2015
A video compiling useful info and techniques for Smash 4 players interested in Dr. Mario. Video made by TEG | 2ManyCooks Shoutouts to TRC for th...
Added by: dezmu
Posted December 24 2015