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The NintendoDojo video library is a tool for organizing Smash videos much more effectively than Youtube or other video sites.

Anyone can add videos to the library, regardless of whether they uploaded it originally (though we request you leave the addition of new videos to the video creators).

We do not store your videos on our site; rather, we keep a link to a Youtube upload of your video and use our own tags to make it possible to find your video.

Video library

For Glory Saturn is best Saturn
Added by: Giizmo
Posted Today
Multiple videos fting Floridas' finest players from a national tournament.
Added by: StaticManny
Posted Today
Marss+Pugwest (Rhode Island) vs Fatal+Pelca (Mass)
Added by: Pugwest
Posted Today
PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR THE GREATEST FREAKOUT EVER! With using a little bit of voice trolling and my general trolling abilities, I made this kid rage l...
Added by: Leopold Slikk
Posted Yesterday
Let the power of roll dodge spam lead you to victory, but this time roll dodge a little further, perhaps all the way to Africa! Hope you enjoy. A ssb4...
Added by: Sapphirex
Posted January 20
Welcome back to my next Walkthrough of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric in 1080p HD for the Nintendo Wii U! Got the game and hype to play. Let's see what thi...
Added by: Cyrelle/Sonic18
Updated January 20
Added by: BPF hugged you because he
Posted January 18
Well, I figure I make this video to show off what Mega Man is capable of. These were all For Glory 1v1 matches I collected from November - December 20...
Added by: tenisbubba13
Posted January 18