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The NintendoDojo video library is a tool for organizing Smash videos much more effectively than Youtube or other video sites.

Anyone can add videos to the library, regardless of whether they uploaded it originally (though we request you leave the addition of new videos to the video creators).

We do not store your videos on our site; rather, we keep a link to a Youtube upload of your video and use our own tags to make it possible to find your video.

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Added by: hartg21
Posted September 14
JV3 on FG against a really crappy salt Cloud. (He switched to Cloud after I beat him in the previous game.)
Added by: Anthony1996
Posted September 3
What's up guys! Here's my Super Smash Con 2016 Experience. I hope you enjoy! Big shout outs to Yungtown for letting use his music in my video! Her...
Added by: hartg21
Posted August 31
Added by: SunJerry
Posted August 10
Just a montage of my Wario and Diddy :]
Added by: Catching Zzs
Posted June 11
I grabbed some of the replays that i had where my opponent taunted and lose. In infamous, taunt + lose combo. i hope you all enjoy!
Added by: Catching Zzs
Posted June 7
Added by: Revy
Posted April 23
My first attempt at the 8 player smash glitch
Added by: Link14
Posted April 18
Added by: QuintemSSB
Posted April 13